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Culture and Cosmos is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the history of astrology and cultural astronomy published by the Sophia Centre Press in partnership with the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, Faculty of Humanitiies and the Performing Arts, at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David

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Contents List

Celestial Magic, Volume 19 no 1 and 2 spring/summer and autumn/winter 2015


Title and Abstract

Nicholas Campion




Mike Harding

The Meanings of Magic

José Manuel Redondo

The Celestial Imagination: Proclus the Philosopher on Theurgy



Liz Greene

The God in the Stone: Gemstone Talismans in Western Magical Traditions

Claire Chandler

Investigating the Magical Practice Found in PGM (Greek Magical Papyri) XIII

M. E. Warlick

Alchemy and the Transgendering of Mercury

Karen Parham

Teleological and Aesthetic Perfection in the Aurora Consurgens

Transformation and Ascent


Alison Greig

Angelomorphism and Magical Transformation in the Christian and Jewish Traditions

Hereward Tilton

Bells and Spells: Rosicrucianism and the Invocation of Planetary Spirits in Early Modern Germany

Joscelyn Godwin

Astral Ascent in the Occult Revival

Sue Lewis

The Transformational Techniques of Huber Astrology



Jane Burton

Ancient Necromantic Rituals in Contemporary Celestial Magic

Lilan Laishley

South Indian Ritual Dispels Negative Karma in the Birth Chart

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