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Culture and Cosmos is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the history of astrology and cultural astronomy published by the Sophia Centre Press in partnership with the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, Faculty of Humanitiies and the Performing Arts, at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David

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Published by the Sophia Centre Press in partnership with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Volume 8

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Editor: Nicholas Campion

Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on the Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena (INSAP IV), held at Magdalen College Oxford, in August 2003.

Hubert A. Allen, Jr.

Hawkins' Way: Rembembering Astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins

Hubert A. Allen, Jr. and Terry Edward Ballone

Star Imagery in Petroglyph National Monument

Mark Butterworth

Astronomy and the Magic Lantern

Ann Laurence Caudano

Sun, Moon and Stars on Kievan Rus Jewellery (10th - 13th Centuries)

Nicholas Campion

The Sun is God

Anne Chapman-Rietschi

Cosmic Gardens

Deborah Garwood

Paris Solstice

N. J. Girardot

Celestial Worlds In the Work of Self-Taught Visionary Artists With Special Reference to Howard Finster's vision of 1982

John G. Hatch

Desire, Heavenly Bodies, and a Surrealist's Fascination with the Celestial Theatre

Holly Henry

Bertrand Russell in Blue Spectacles: His Fascination with Astronomy

Ronald Hicks

Astronomy and the Sacred Landscape in Irish Myth

Chris Impey

Why Are We So Lonely?

Bernd Klahn

The Aberration of Starlight and/in Postmodernist Fiction

Nick Kollestrom

How Galileo dedicated the moons of Jupiter to Cosimo II de Medici

Arnold Lebeuf

Dating the five Suns of Aztec cosmology

Andrea D. Lobel

Trailing the Paper Moon: Astronomical Interpretations of Exodus 12:1-2

Stephen C. McCluskey

Wordsworth's 'Rydal Chapel' and the Astronomical Orientation of Churches

David Madacsi

Atmospheres and Aesthetic Distance in Planetary and Lunar Environments

Daniel R. Matlaga

A Journey of Celestial Lights: The Sky as Allegory in Melville's Moby Dick

Paul Murdin

Representing the Moon
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			and Cosmos

R. P. Olowin

Robinson Jeffers: Poetic Responses to a Cosmological Revolution

David W. Pankenier

A Brief History of Beiji (Northern Culmen)

Richard Poss

Poetic Responses to the Size of the Universe: Astronomical Imagery and Cosmological Constraints

Richard PossBarbara Rappengluck

The material of the solid sky and its traces in culture

Brad Ricca

The Night of Falling Stars: Reading he 1833 Meteor Storm

Patricia Ricci

Lux ex Tenebris: Etienne-Louis Boullee's Cenotaph for Sir Issac Newton

Sarah Richards

Die Planetenheorie: its uses and meanings for the Saxon mining communities and the culture of the Dresden Court 1553-1719

William Saslaw and Paul Murdin

The Double Apollos of Istrus

Petra G. Schmidl

Dusk and Dawn in Medieval Islam: On the Importance of Twilight Phenomenon with Some Examples of Their Representations in Texts and on Instruments

Valerie Shrimplin

Borromini and the New Astronomy: the elliptical dome

Joshua Stein

Cicero's Use of Astronomy as Proof of the Existence of the Gods

Antje Steinhoefel

Aft and Astronomy in the Service of Religion: Observations on the Work of John Russell (1745-1806)

Burkard Steinrucken

An interpretation of the 'Sky-Disc of Nebra' as an icon for a bronze age planetarium mechanism with parallels to the moving world-soul in Plato's Timaeus

Gary Wells

Daumier and The Popular Image of Astronomy

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