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Volume 14

Volume 14- Special Double Issue

Culture and Cosmos Vol 14


Table of Contents



Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum

Friederike Boockmann 

Johann Kepler's Horoscope Collection


Translations of Kepler’s Astrological Writings


Helisaeus Röslin’s Delineation of Kepler's Birthchart, 1592


David Fabricius and Kepler on Kepler's Personal Astrology, 1602


Kepler's Delineation of his Family's Astrology


Kepler and Michael Mästlin on their Sons' Nativities, 1598


Kepler's Methods of Astrological Interpretation for Rudolf II, 1602


Kepler's Astrological Interpretation of Rudolf II by Traditional Methods, 1602


Kepler's Letter to an Official on Rudolf II and Astrology, 1611


Excerpts from Kepler's Correspondence and Interpretation of Wallenstein's Nativity, 1624-1625


The Nativities of Mohammed and Martin Luther, 1604


The Nativity of Augustus


John Meeks  - Introduction: Kepler and the Art of Weather Prognostication


Kepler's Weather Calendar of 1618


Excerpts from Kepler's Weather Calendar of 1619


Kepler on the New Star: De stella nova, Chapters 7-9


On Directions


David Fabricius and Kepler on Astrological Theory and Doctrine, 1602


David Fabricius and Kepler on Fabricius's Directions, 1603-1604


On Aspects, 1602


A Selection of Kepler's Handwritten Charts

Notes on Contributors 


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